Apply To Compete By November 15th

Show us what you’ve got!

Each competing group will have up to 12 minutes to leave it all on the stage in our Friday Night High School Competition.

  • Professional sound, with 20 available wireless microphones, run by a cappella sound engineer Caleb Whelden.
  • Using the AEA Scoring Rubric, our well-trained judges provide actionable feedback to each group through written feedback, to be used in master classes on Saturday


How to Apply for the N.E. Voices High School Competition

Four Easy Steps

Step One

Record Two Songs
Video record two songs of your current group.
Videos must have been recorded after August 1, 2017.
Videos of each song need to be recorded live in one take with no editing or post-production mixing of any kind (An edit between the end of the first song and beginning of the second song is allowed)
You may use multiple microphones to better pick up all parts.

Step Two

Upload To YouTube
Upload the videos to YouTube.
Mark as unlisted.

Step Three

Submit Application
Submit your application online. Applications open September 3rd.
Deadline for submitting your application and paying your fee or buying your passes is November 15. All applications will then go through our review process.

Step Four

Pay Application Fee OR Buy Passes
Soon after applying, you will receive an invoice for your group’s registration. Full payment for your group’s pass or a non-refundable deposit of $75 (which will then be applied towards your group’s pass). [This ensures that groups are fully committed to attend if selected]

Groups will be informed of their status by December 4, 2018


Competition Submission Video Review Process

  • Once the submission deadline has passed, all video submissions will be reviewed by an AEA Review Panel. The Review Panel will score each video submission according to the AEA Judges’ Manual Scoring Rubric.
  • The 8 highest scoring groups will be invited to compete in the NE Voices High School Competition.

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